Upcoming events in Japan: advancing factory automation with SmartFactory solutions

Everything you need to increase quality and productivity in factories of any size

Using simulation to speed AI deployment in semiconductor manufacturing

Accelerate innovation and overcome data collection challenges with SmartFactory AI Productivity

SmartFactory unified process control simplifies manufacturing operations

Improve your fab by integrating tools and data.

What can smart manufacturing do for you?

Top benefits for innovative semiconductor manufacturers

SmartFactory AI Productivity tunes dispatching rule parameters automatically, in less time

Find optimal value in hours instead of days

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pharma 4.0

Challenges and opportunities in Pharma 4.0 implementation

Derive high-value actionable information from multiple data sources

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Solve productivity and supply chain issues with AI ML

Solve productivity and supply chain issues with AI/ML

Pre-built AI/ML models enable fabs to increase productivity, improve KPIs

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Pharma Analytics

Learning models are revolutionizing pharma analytics

New generation models are improving insights with real-time manufacturing data

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Prediction Accuracy

A faster, easier, and more accurate solution for better fab-out prediction accuracy

SmartFactory AI Productivity improves accuracy to 90%

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The data scientist conundrum – model selection and process visualization through dashboards (Part 3/3)

Guiding data scientists to create the right model to optimize the manufacturing process.

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Advantages of decision-tree models

Research demonstrates decision trees outperform deep learning with tabular data.

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Achieve Accurate Blog

Achieve accurate lot cycle time predictions for more on-time deliveries

Improve the accuracy of lot fab out predictions with AI/ML

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