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Join us for a Pharma 4.0 themed lunch at BMWS 2023

Be part of the conversation challenging the Pharma 4.0 opportunities to increase sustainable production with a discussion around “Data driving manufacturing robustness”
Amy Doucette, Head of Business Operations, Automation Products Group Pharma, is looking forward to hosting the discussion around “Data driving manufacturing robustness,” as part of BMWS’ Themed Lunch series, on November 15, from 12:55 PM to 1:55 PM.
We look forward to welcoming you as together we consider:
Amy leads the Pharma Automation Product Group Business Operations team that’s providing SmartFactory Rx® automation solutions to the Pharma Industry worldwide. Seating, for what is expected to be a lively discussion, is limited to 10 guests so registration is required. You’ll be able to sign up on the BMWS app when it’s available. Check back here for the link!