Are you well “eQYPt”?

Pharma manufacturing success depends on enhancing the most essential KPIs such as quality, yield, and productivity to accelerate time-to-market (eQYPt)...

How to drive process quality using machine learning and expert systems

Learn how this technique has become a cornerstone to build thinking machines into the world of manufacturing.

Achieve critical factory KPIs with industry-proven turnkey CIM solution

Integrate automation capabilities across your entire factory domain with our SmartFactory CIM solution.

Achieve faster resolution of SPC and FDC violations

Extend automation intelligence capabilities in your factory with cohesive OCAP solution using SmartFactory Knowledge Advisor.

The Point of Truth for Runtime Recipe Control

The latest release of SmartFactory Recipe Management offers better data synchronization options for runtime recipe control.

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Improve Yield Learning And Accelerate

Improve yield learning and accelerate yield ramp

Building a quality ecosystem in your fab with pre-integrated SmartFactory Yield and Defect Management solutions

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Moving automotive quality to zero defects

Automotive quality: striving for zero defects

Learn how to steer the automotive electronic revolution by doubling down on a zero-defect mindset to reduce the cost of non-quality.

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Enhancing your digital experience

Transforming UX, image, and functionality with improved dashboards, reports, operations, and workflows

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Bringing production reality closer to target

Driving the “S curve” to enable performance throughout your fab’s life cycle

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Knowledge Advisor: Real-time Pharma Manufacturing Process Improvement

Avoid the costs of relearning from failures by using prior process and quality knowledge in real-time.

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Ready to improve operations, increase yields and drive profits?

Rely on our integrated solutions to prioritize quality and reliability across every stage of the manufacturing process.

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Bridge across data silos to enable advanced analytics in real time

Bridge across data silos to enable advanced analytics in real time

Learn how SmartFactory Rx® enables integration of numerous disparate data feeds from IIoT devices to the analytical layer.

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