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SmartFactory Rx® presentations at IFPAC 2023

Join us for discussions on advanced manufacturing, quality, and innovation

Members of the Applied Materials, APG Pharma team will be presenting at IFPAC 2023 from June 4-7, 2023, in North Bethesda, Maryland. The focus of this annual meeting is “A Framework for the Future: Advanced Manufacturing Quality & Innovation.” Sharing the latest developments and industry thinking, the program of SmartFactory Rx presentations taking place during the meeting includes:

  • John Mack: Pharmaceutical Process Development: Should the Machine Learn or the Human Understand?
  • Lucas Vann: Science Guided Machine Learning leveraging ‘Expert Unfolding’
  • Rick Johnston: Data driven methodologies in advanced scheduling technology to enable critical improvements in C&GT delivery
  • Aparajith Bhaskar: Optimizing pharmaceutical and chemical process performance using Advanced Process Control
  • Jose F. Castaneda: The Critical Role of Digital Maturity in Pharma 4.0 Transformation