SmartFactory Simulation AutoMod®

Student Version and Academic License

AutoMod Academic Program

Affordable university program for powerful simulation software

Applied Materials, the industry leader in manufacturing and material handling simulation software, is committed to assisting students and instructors in having the most powerful simulation software available for teaching and research. Simulation is taught in university engineering department curriculums worldwide, together with the AutoMod Student Version and Getting Started with AutoMod text.

In true 3-D scale, AutoMod enables the student to transfer manufacturing and material handling concepts into working computer simulations that test the validity of their concepts and verify the effectiveness of classroom instruction.

Academic license

Professors and universities can purchase an academic license of AutoMod at a reduced rate. This version is fully functional but cannot be used for commercial projects.

For additional details, contact AutoMod Support or your local distributor.

AutoMod Student Version

The AutoMod Student Version software has all the design capabilities and controls of the full version though it limits the number of simulation entities that can be defined (i.e., queues, resources, vehicles, conveyor sections, etc.).

You can download and install the AutoMod Student Version, and then authorize it without a hardware key, but you are limited to 200 named entities. Examples of entities are conveyor sections, queues, resources, processes, control points, and order lists.

The download includes the Getting Started with AutoMod book, which includes a variety of simulation examples for teaching purposes. Written by Dr. Jerry Banks, the text discusses simulation principles, modeling and statistical analysis.

Available Downloads
Version 12.6.1
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