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Applied SmartFactory wins ST Micro Award for sharing best practices on:

Increasing factory throughput
through automation

Data is everywhere, enhancing every aspect of our lives.
With the promise of AI, data brings us more information and more choices, faster.
Data driven decisions are the driving force behind smart manufacturing.
Automating data collection and analysis can shrink the time gap between incident and resolution. This is the key to reducing lost productivity and improving quality.
Striving for zero defects
As automation of integrated systems increases, using dynamic learning in real-time enables decisions to move us toward achieving zero defects. Manufacturers empowered to react to demand signals and meet customer orders will vault ahead of their competitors.
Applied SmartFactory Integrated Solutions
A complete automation solution for manufacturing. It’s backed by our team of automation experts who develop fully integrated solutions to take care of you and your customers for any size factory.
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We are enabling engineers, scientists, and operators to optimize throughput, improve quality, reduce scrap, lower costs, and increase yield.

What does smart manufacturing really mean?

Optimizing the use of assets is an objective at every factory. To achieve continuous improvement requires gaining more line control of the variability of equipment, product mix, people, and the supply chain. Automation systems that are integrated can enable in real-time a tradeoff between product cycle time and total output.
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