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Increase product yield and reduce variability


Embracing “Eleventh Hour” Updates: Just-in-Time Scheduling for Pilot Plants

How can we meet varied demands in capacity and last-minute changes to schedules?
By Smart Scheduling Team
Content is identical in both sessions.

Session 1: Wed Mar 1

3:00 pm UK 4:00 pm Central Europe 10:00 am Eastern

Session 2: Wed Mar 1

10:00 am Pacific 1:00 pm Eastern

Enhance quality and productivity at every stage from process development to manufacturing

Achieve CQAs with process optimization

Increase throughput and product yield

Improve visibility and process quality compliance

Build a new ecosystem of quality powered by

Transforming data into knowledgeable action

Monitor, learn, control and improve process performance

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Our Insights

How a laser focus on yield improved one company’s API manufacturing

Early identification of yield-impacting problems can raise overall performance

Challenges and opportunities in Pharma 4.0 implementation

pharma 4.0
Derive high-value actionable information from multiple data sources

SmartFactory Rx® presentations at IFPAC 2023

Join us for discussions on advanced manufacturing, quality, and innovation

Learning models are revolutionizing pharma analytics

Pharma Analytics
New generation models are improving insights with real-time manufacturing data

SmartFactory Rx® 2.0: Lessons learned to digitize our pharma future

Join us to review practical use cases

Accelerating pharma potential by driving the “S Curve”

Accelerating Pharma
Introducing automation early to accelerate productivity.

How a pharma control tower can put real-time, live updates at your fingertips

De-silo your data and analytics

Embracing “eleventh hour” updates: just-in-time scheduling for pilot plants

Eleventh Hour Blog
How to meet varied demands in capacity and last-minute changes to schedules

The data scientist conundrum – model selection and process visualization through dashboards (Part 3/3)

Guiding data scientists to create the right model to optimize the manufacturing process.

Go green or go home

Go Green
Achieve pharma sustainability goals more quickly with SmartFactory Rx® implementation.

Algorithmic scheduling: Solving the pharma scheduling crisis

Algorithmic Scheduling
Embrace new technology to deliver agile, accurate manufacturing schedules

The data scientist conundrum – data exploration and feature engineering (Part 2/3)

Data Science Blog
Making data scientists’ life easier with integrated end-to-end software solution

Continuous improvement Process Verification (CiPV)

Continuously demonstrate processes in control resulting in increased inspection readiness and improved regulatory inspections & compliance.

Are you well “eQYPt”?

eQYPT Blog Card New
Pharma manufacturing success depends on enhancing the most essential KPIs such as quality, yield, and productivity to accelerate time-to-market (eQYPt)...

Optimize Your Biopharma Processes

Optimize Your Biopharma Processes
Incorporate data analytics and advanced process control techniques within your biopharmaceutical operations.

The data scientist conundrum – reducing the burden of complexity (Part 1/3)

The Data Scientist Conundrum
Making best use of data scientist skills relies on integrated end-to-end software solution

Knowledge Advisor: Real-time Pharma Manufacturing Process Improvement

Knowledge Advisor real time Pharma Manufacturing Process Improvement
Avoid the costs of relearning from failures by using prior process and quality knowledge in real-time.

Agnostic modeling

Agnostic Modeling
Rely on our SmartFactory Rx® flexible environment to integrate external-friendly applications (Python, R, MATLAB) to get advanced analytics and presc...

Embrace Pharma 4.0 by leveraging semiconductor innovation led by Silicon Valley leaders

Leveraging Lessons
Leaders in pharma manufacturing focus on IT infrastructure integration to optimize process performance with real-time control.

Increase compression yield with Janssen

Increase Compression Yield with Janssen
SmartFactory Rx improves press yield and bridges data silos via powerful integration of process environmental data, LIMS, CQA, maintenance

Bridge across data silos to enable advanced analytics in real time

Bridge across data silos to enable advanced analytics in real time
Learn how SmartFactory Rx® enables integration of numerous disparate data feeds from IIoT devices to the analytical layer.