Smart Process

Increase product yield and reduce variability

Enhance quality and productivity at every stage from process development to manufacturing

Achieve CQAs with process optimization

Increase throughput and product yield

Improve visibility and process quality compliance

Transforming data into knowledgeable action

Monitor, learn, control and improve process performance

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Knowledge Advisor: Real-time Pharma Manufactur...

Avoid the costs of relearning from failures by using prior process and quality knowledge in real-time.
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Agnostic modeling

Agnostic Modeling
Rely on our SmartFactory Rx® flexible environment to integrate external-friendly applications (Python, R, MATLAB) to get advanced analytics and pres...
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Embrace Pharma 4.0 by leveraging semiconductor...

Leaders in pharma manufacturing focus on IT infrastructure integration to optimize process performance with real-time control.
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Bridge across data silos to enable advanced an...

Learn how SmartFactory Rx® enables integration of numerous disparate data feeds from IIoT devices to the analytical layer.
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