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How stable is your factory’s foundation?

Is it scalable…..extensible?

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Serious about growing your business—your manufacturing foundation must empower change to meet your customer’s evolving specs.

Building Better Factories Faster

Building better factories faster

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Integrated Solutions

MES 300works® Full-Auto

Improves high volume manufacturing by automating flow of materials


Augments the FACTORYworks platform with additional out-of-box functionality to support semiconductor assembly and adjacent industries


Accelerates high volume manufacturing improvements with special feature extensions

Material Control

Automates WIP movement to increase throughput and decrease equipment idle time


Boosts efficiency with fab operation modeling capabilities


Implements your proprietary business rules without programming

Maintenance Management

Improves power of equipment maintenance – scheduled and unscheduled activities

Durables Management

Improves asset utilization with durable management throughout entire life cycle


Detect & predict system failures

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Bringing production reality closer to target

Driving the “S curve” to enable performance throughout your fab’s life cycle
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