Establishing a blueprint to optimize productivity with advanced factory automation

Envisioning where you are and how to get there to ease deployment, ensuring smart manufacturing.

What can smart manufacturing do for you?

Top benefits for innovative semiconductor manufacturers

Improve yield for better profitability, less waste with SmartFactory SPC3D®

Automating analytics reduces defects, optimizing continuous improvement

Automated tool recovery increases equipment efficiency

Automated Tool
SmartFactory 300works® can help reduce an often-overlooked component of maintenance downtime

Are you ready to reduce or even avoid unplanned downtime for your manufacturing software systems?

SmartFactory Monitor prevents factory-impacting problems through performance trend analysis and predictive analytics.

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are you ready to achieve new levels of real-time decision intelligence in your factory

Are you ready to achieve new levels of real-time decision intelligence in your factory?

Introducing our new SmartFactory message bus – critical to enable advanced automation

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Reduce cycle time with a powerful MES strategy

Reduce cycle time with a powerful MES strategy

Increase KPIs by automating repetitive tasks and improving communication

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Beyond MES Blog

Beyond the MES: Crawl. Walk. Run. (Part 1/2)

The MES provides a critical foundation for the semiconductor factory as needs change over time.

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Beyond the MES

Beyond the MES: Fly. (Part 2/2)

Advanced capabilities and MES provide the intelligence that is key to the ‘lights out’ factory

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Reduce production noise and boost operation efficiency

SmartFactory team unveils new solution for handling alarms

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Data Visualization

Improving operational efficiency through better data visualization

Make easy, consistent, and visually appealing charts for data-driven decisions using SmartFactory Material Control and APF Reporter

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Full Auto Readiness

Applied pathway for faster automation – full-auto readiness (Part 2/2)

Driving MES 300works® deployments to achieve a fully automated CIM system

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