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SmartFactory AI Productivity solutions fully integrated

Achieve better fab out prediction accuracy with SmartFactory AI Productivity

Solve problems unique to your fab with simple UI and customizable parameters

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SmartFactory AI Productivity tunes dispatching rule parameters automatically, in less time

Find optimal value in hours instead of days

Pros and cons of various scheduling solutions for semiconductor factories

Choose scheduling that will be the right fit for your factory needs

Solve productivity and supply chain issues with AI/ML

Solve productivity and supply chain issues with AI ML
Pre-built AI/ML models enable fabs to increase productivity, improve KPIs

The data scientist conundrum – data exploration and feature engineering (Part 2/3)

Data Science Blog
Making data scientists’ life easier with integrated end-to-end software solution

Deep reinforcement learning (RL) for Queue-time management in semiconductor manufacturing

Deep RL
Use deep RL to minimize yield loss with automatic control of Queue-time management

How to drive process quality using machine learning and expert systems

Drive Process Quality using machine earning and expert Systems
Learn how this technique has become a cornerstone to build thinking machines into the world of manufacturing.

Improve Productivity in AI and ML Solutions Development & Deployment

Improve Productivity in AL and ML
Experience an integrated way to develop an AI/ML module using our SmartFactory productivity AI/ML platform