Supply Chain Solutions

Improving manufacturing profitability

Ready to stop using spreadsheets to identify bottlenecks and execute better plans?

Improve Your Factory Efficiency

If you’re struggling to generate an efficient factory plan then work with us to boost your planning capabilities.

Respond faster to factory changes

Smartfactory supply chain solutions components

Intelligent Automation Powered by Integration
Common framework from dispaching to automation — Built on Smartfactory Platform ETM, Common Data Model (CDM), EngineeredWorks, Solution UI > Open Box Solutions
Boost your planning capabilities powered by

Integrated Solutions

Enterprise Planning

Increases capacity planning accuracy and responds faster to customer forecast changes

Production Control

Runs high-speed what-if scenarios to improve WIP throughput and capacity utilization—without disrupting manufacturing operations

Simulation AutoMod

Continuously improves productivity throughout the life of the facility with Powerful 3-D simulation modeling