SmartFactory Simulation AutoMod®

Simulate reality

After careful consideration, Applied Materials has made the business decision to discontinue sales and support for AutoMod after December 31, 2026. Our top priority is to ensure business continuity and success of our customers. Please contact us if you have further questions.

Are your simulation tools two dimensional or slow to run?

Not all simulation modeling tools are created equal. SmartFactory Simulation AutoMod is the leading graphical simulation software package for modeling, analyzing, and emulating complex manufacturing and material handling systems. With over 30 years of industry experience built into the product, AutoMod is the product of choice for top material handling providers and systems integrators worldwide, offering a superior level of detail in models to reflect reality.
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Why choose SmartFactory Simulation AutoMod?

Reduced risk of costly design mistakes

Reduced risk of operating bottlenecks

Improved throughput and material flow

What can you gain from our approach?

Greater accuracy

Greater flexibility

Greater profitability