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Semiconductor AI/ML technologies

This blog series focuses on the role of data in helping semiconductor manufacturers achieve greater benefits in productivity and quality.
This series focuses on how to achieve greater benefits in productivity and quality
This fully integrated solution enables manufacturers to manage deployments in as little as six months, a quarter of the time it typically takes them to develop individual models.
Semiconductor growth is anticipated and there are many tools to help drive it
Everything you need to increase quality and productivity in factories of any size
Learn how simulation revolutionizes AI deployment in semiconductor manufacturing, overcomes data collection challenges and enhances productivity. Explore valuable insights in this article.
Uncover the transformative power of smart manufacturing for semiconductor operations, enhancing productivity, efficiency, decision-making, and data security. Find optimal value in hours instead of days.
Pre-built AI/ML models enable fabs to increase productivity, improve KPIs
Built on top of our APF platform, SmartFactory AI Productivity is faster, easier, and improves model accuracy from 75% to 95%.
Research demonstrates decision trees outperform deep learning with tabular data.
Improve the accuracy of lot fab out predictions with AI/ML