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Optimizing existing assets

Ready to consistently produce more with less?

Maximize your existing factory resources with automation.

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If you’re serious about producing more with less, then you’re going to need to make some changes.

Ready to maximize ROI with the same equipment and personnel?

Smartfactory productivity solutions components

Common framework from dispaching to automation — Built on Smartfactory Platform ETM, Common Data Model (CDM), EngineeredWorks, Solution UI > Open Box Solutions

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Produce more with less powered by

Integrated Solutions

Dispatching & Reporting

Reduces variability with advanced rule-based, real-time strategies


Eliminates white space with real-time, event-based workflows


Improves productivity of key bottleneck areas with predictive scheduling

Production Control

Improves WIP throughput and capacity utilization without disrupting manufacturing operations


Identifies and implements process improvements without complex programming

Activity Manager

Improves resource utilization and increase productivity with fully integrated automation workflow framework


Enhances accuracy of simulation models and quantifies impact of rule changes prior to implementation in production

Simulation AutoSched

Enables better decision making and quick analysis

Factory Automation is the Key to Overcoming Productivity Challenges

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Minding the Gap with AI and ML Processes

Experience a smarter way of controlling manufacturing using the SmartFactory Productivity AI/ML platform.
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