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Vericell Rx™ enables real-time inline tablet inspection system to maximize quality and increase productivity

Achieve optimized product yields, enabling 100% inline inspection not previously possible in pharma manufacturing.
Achieve optimized product yields, enabling 100% inline inspection not previously possible in pharma manufacturing.


Today’s pharmaceutical industry requires an integrated end-to-end approach to product quality. This means not only reducing scrap but also detecting production failures to ensure quality holistically. VeriCell Rx is automated visual inspection machine coupled with the power of SmartFactory Rx helps you get real-time tablet inspection results in line.

VeriCell Rx is direct link to the coder allows real-time quality inspection. Meanwhile, potential issues in the coding process are identified using SmartFactory Rx advanced data analytics solution. VeriCell Rx can be fed directly by a tablet coder, tablet press, or as a standalone machine.

Over 6 kilograms of tablets and capsules of any size, shape, or color can be inspected at once by pouring them into the inlet hopper. With the smallest footprint in the market of under 1.5 meters squared, VeriCell Rx is a portable quality inspection instrument that can be seamlessly transported between production lines at any of your facilities. It accurately inspects and sorts in a fraction of the time and space and provides immediate feedback to speed up production and eliminate human error.

Five high-speed area cameras inspect the tablets in real time using AI to detect and analyze 100% of the tablets and capsules and then classify and sort them by defect. VeriCell Rx detects a comprehensive set of defects such as breakage, erosion, chipping, color variation, twinning, orange peel roughness, and film cracking. This machine not only classifies defects but it also identifies potential production flaws by working directly with SmartFactory Rx’s advanced analytics solution.

Even flaws with white-on-white coded tablets are not a challenge. After they’re inspected, good tablets continue to the GMP bin and defective tablets are rejected. Our machine has a modular system designed for rapid cleaning.

Each contact part can be quickly removed, cleaned, and reassembled. VeriCell Rx enables smarter sorting and higher productivity in less space and when combined with the power of our SmartFactory Rx digital platform, defects are eliminated directly at their source. Contact us today at [email protected] to learn more.

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