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Infineon Technologies describes how they optimize productivity

Enable dispatching, planning, and scheduling solutions integrated with real-time data to boost factory productivity.

Infineon Technologies, one of the 10th largest semiconductor manufacturers worldwide, has deployed our SmartFactory Advanced Productivity Family (APF) to enable automated decision making and optimize existing automation solutions. Because Infineon was relying on Excel to make assembly and test decisions manually, they needed a shoulder-to-shoulder automation solution where man and robot worked in parallel. Additionally, they wanted to reduce the effort it took to use real-time data from systems with different levels of data quality and high complexity.

Watch the video below to see how they used APF for scheduling to achieve a 5 to 15% capacity improvement across multiple work centers at their front-end sites, and to support fully automated decision making at their back-end sites.

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Michael Förster
Michael Förster
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