Solve productivity and supply chain issues with AI/ML

Solve productivity and supply chain issues with AI ML
Pre-built AI/ML models enable fabs to increase productivity, improve KPIs

A faster, easier, and more accurate solution for better fab-out prediction accuracy

Prediction Accuracy
SmartFactory AI Productivity improves accuracy to 90%

Advantages of decision-tree models

Research demonstrates decision trees outperform deep learning with tabular data.

Achieve accurate lot cycle time predictions for more on-time deliveries

Achieve Accurate Blog
Improve the accuracy of lot fab out predictions with AI/ML
Algorithmic Scheduling

Algorithmic scheduling: Solving the pharma scheduling crisis

Embrace new technology to deliver agile, accurate manufacturing schedules

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Smartfactory AI Competitive Advantage

Create your own competitive advantage with SmartFactory AI Productivity

Amplify productivity with pre-built AI/ML models

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JIT Blog

Three ways Just-In-Time scheduling is transforming pharma operations

Bring speed, accuracy and deeper insights to manufacturing and lab schedules

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CIM Blog

Achieve critical factory KPIs with industry-proven turnkey CIM solution

Integrate automation capabilities across your entire factory domain with our SmartFactory CIM solution.

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Improve Productivity in AL and ML

Improve Productivity in AI and ML Solutions Development & Deployment

Experience an integrated way to develop an AI/ML module using our SmartFactory productivity AI/ML platform

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Moving automotive quality to zero defects

Automotive quality: striving for zero defects

Learn how to steer the automotive electronic revolution by doubling down on a zero-defect mindset to reduce the cost of non-quality.

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Harnessing the Real Capacity of Pharma Manufacturing

Harnessing the Real Capacity of Pharma Manufacturing

In the journey towards productivity through advanced digital manufacturing, how do you assess your technology return on investment (ROI)?

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Minding the Gap with AI and ML Processes

Minding the Gap with AI and ML Processes

Experience a smarter way of controlling manufacturing using the SmartFactory Productivity AI/ML platform.

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