Simulation AutoSched

SmartFactory Simulation AutoSched® Discover hidden value In your fab, how do you model decision logic for your equipment? SmartFactory Simulation AutoSched is a capacity planning system that enables simulation of complex workflows to identify hidden and wasted factory capacity. It allo...
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SmartFactory RTD Reclaim hidden capacity In your fab, how do you manage delivery-to-promise commitments? SmartFactory RTD is a real-time dispatching and reporting solution that provides decision making ability to improve productivity across the entire factory. The solution enables manu...
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Activity Manager

SmartFactory Activity Manager® Enabling lights out factory automation In your fab, what level of automation have you achieved? SmartFactory Activity Manager is a visual development environment for handling factory events. The solution increases plant utilization and efficiency by sensi...
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SmartFactory FullAuto Eliminate white space In your fab, how do you minimize white space on tools? SmartFactory FullAuto is an automated workflow engine system that executes pre-staging of WIP, releases lots, and adjusts load balancing of production equipment through “what next” and “...
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Dispatching and Reporting

SmartFactory Dispatching & Reporting Improve factory productivity in real-time Are you looking for ways to manage cycle time issues across your fab? SmartFactory Dispatching & Reporting is an automated decision-making solution that improves factory productivity by executing advanced r...
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Production Control

SmartFactory Production Control Make better decisions by simulating operations How do you analyze, predict, and optimize operations in your fab? SmartFactory Production Control is a capacity planning system for simulating manufacturing and planning operations. By replicating production...
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Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Solutions Improving manufacturing profitability View integrated solutions Ready to stop using spreadsheets to identify bottlenecks and execute better plans? If you’re struggling to generate an efficient factory plan then work...
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Manufacturing Execution Solutions

Manufacturing Execution Solutions Driving manufacturing excellence View integrated solutions How stable is your factory’s foundation? Is it scalable…..extensible? Serious about growing your business—your manufacturing foundatio...
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Productivity Solutions

Productivity Solutions Optimizing existing assets View integrated solutions Ready to consistently produce more with less? Maximize your existing factory resources with automation. If you’re serious...
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Smart Process Development

Smart Process Development Accelerate time to market Imagine streamlining your process to convert your process development learning into commercial output Accelerate time to market Meet demand for new formulations or personalized medicines at the po...
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Process Quality Solutions

Process Quality Solutions Striving for zero defects View integrated solutions Undeniable need for more quality and reliability… …. and demand for developing new skills. If you’re serious about building a zero-defect strategy, then yo...
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