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Harnessing the Real Capacity of Pharma Manufacturing

In the journey towards productivity through advanced digital manufacturing, how do you assess your technology return on investment (ROI)?

Pharma manufacturing is a highly complex process with manufacturers striving to gain operational excellence with Pharma 4.0 ready, production planning optimization tools. Using advanced digital tools enables the management of ever-increasing growth in variability and complexity, which contributes to rising fulfillment costs and poor use of human and equipment resources. To further explore this complexity and the value of optimization tools, this whitepaper compares gold standard methods used in the pharma industry with the advanced simulation and optimization-based tool “Smart Scheduling” in meeting clinical and R&D production targets. Results show that through adaptive scheduling, Smart Scheduling can optimize the use of major assets and other resources to satisfy production demands, resulting in significant KPI improvements—an average of 30%, and more than 50% in some cases. This improvement creates higher revenue in the current environment and supports much shorter development times for the future.

About the Author

Picture of Daniel Porat and Dr. Giorgos Kopanos
Daniel Porat and Dr. Giorgos Kopanos
The SmartFactory Rx Team develops integrated automation solutions for process manufacturing to harness the power of data, reduce development time and improve productivity to optimize high value manufacturing. It increases throughput, decreases risk, and accelerates time to market for new products. For more details, connect with us on LinkedIn.