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Searching for manufacturing precision?

SmartFactory Rx® solutions can help pharmaceutical manufacturers achieve critical quality attributes (CQAs)

SmartFactory Rx is an integrated automation solution developed for pharmaceutical manufacturing. SmartFactory Rx solutions can help process manufacturers achieve critical quality attributes (CQAs) as well as increasing throughput, decreasing risk and accelerating time to market for new products.

One area where SmartFactory Rx solutions can provide significant benefit is in the production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). This complex process requires precision and strict adherence to standards to meet safety, quality and efficacy goals.

To learn how SmartFactory Rx can help your business, visit our Pharmaceutical Solutions page.

About the Author

Picture of SmartFactory Rx Team
SmartFactory Rx Team
The SmartFactory Rx Team develops integrated automation solutions for process manufacturing to harness the power of data, reduce development time and improve productivity to optimize high value manufacturing. It increases throughput, decreases risk, and accelerates time to market for new products. For more details, connect with us on LinkedIn.