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Pioneering Manufacturing Automation Innovation with AI

Join our breakfast workshop with Jordan Croteau and Amy Doucette
Automated manufacturing solutions can improve productivity and quality while reducing overall costs. We are increasingly seeing how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can drive innovation in automation. It does so by enabling improved collaboration in one factory or across sites, providing accurate insights into equipment states for better tool management, and managing scheduling solutions using real-time data.

About the workshop

Jordan Croteau, senior director, Manufacturing Operational and Engineering Technology for Moderna, will join Amy Doucette, head of business operations Applied Materials Automated Products Group Pharma, to deliver the breakfast workshop at PMWS, on May 15. The workshop, titled “Pioneering Manufacturing Automation Innovation with AI,” will take place from 7:45 a.m. to 8:20 a.m. in Room 2. Please join us as we explore:
  • Leveraging lessons learned from the semiconductor industry for tech-first companies
  • The journey of defining the high value problems and opportunities for personalized medicine
  • Optimizing productivity and quality for manufacturing resilience and sustainability
  • Speed to insights for “Right first time”
  • Innovation enabling improvements in key achievement drivers
Contact us to express interest in our workshop or if you’re not attending but would like more information. For more information about PMWS and the full schedule, visit the website.

About the Author

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SmartFactory Rx Team
The SmartFactory Rx Team develops integrated automation solutions for process manufacturing to harness the power of data, reduce development time and improve productivity to optimize high value manufacturing. It increases throughput, decreases risk, and accelerates time to market for new products. For more details, connect with us on LinkedIn.