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Web scheduling in 21st century

Bringing pharma scheduling out of dark ages
Bringing pharma scheduling out of dark ages


Today, while many of you use cell phones and other advanced ways of communicating with each other, scheduling in your pharmaceutical manufacturing facility is stuck in the dark ages. We’re going to look today at a way of automating your schedule, moving away from Excel and manual scheduling to SmartFactory Rx. Let’s take a look at the components of this schedule that are unique. First, this is a web-based tool that’s directly integrated into your manufacturing systems. No more transcribing data or making manual updates. I can see the current batch in process, in this case in the buffer prep area, and I can also see in this product where we’re running a campaign of multiple batches.

Let’s zoom into the current batch and see the detail coming straight from our batch execution system via our SiteSpy system. We can see the current live status and if there’s a manufacturing delay or unexpected outage, I can also see that immediately. I can look at planned maintenance events which are integrated directly into the schedule from your CMMS system.

SmartFactory Rx is bringing modern communication to scheduling through Web-based tools that react in real time to events on the floor.

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