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Optimize Your Biopharma Processes

Incorporate data analytics and advanced process control techniques within your biopharmaceutical operations.
Are you looking to implement proven control techniques, such as real-time MVA quality monitoring, data mining and predictive maintenance? The business of biopharma is all about minimizing yield losses, but without the right control techniques in place, this objective seems daunting. Manufactures must understand and control causes of variation, quickly detect unexpected behavior and prevent process failures.
To help you achieve these objectives, BioAPC® offers a practical, cost-effective approach to implement advanced control techniques. Built on PharmaMV Perceptive Engineering technology, BioAPC provides data analytics and advanced process control algorithms specific to biopharma manufacturing. The solution provides an APC foundation for automating the control of critical quality attributes, increasing yield, balancing inventory and minimizing waste whenever possible.
For details on our solution, check out the datasheet below:

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SmartFactory Automation Solution Experts Team
The Applied SmartFactory® automation solution experts team develops integrated automation solutions for semiconductor manufacturers to improve the performance of factories. From implementing a manufacturing execution system that advances collaboration and automation, to integrating AI/ML technologies for faster decision making, SmartFactory automation solutions enable manufacturers to prioritize quality and reliability across every stage of the manufacturing process.