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Join us at the inaugural APACT USA Conference, April 23-25, in New Brunswick, NJ

The Automation Products Group Pharma will be delivering a workshop, presenting, and exhibiting at this Advances in Process Analytics and Control Technologies event for the high value process industry.
The inaugural Advances in Process Analytics and Control Technologies (APACT) Conference will take place from April 23-25, in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Automation Products Group Pharma is excited to be part of this event as an exhibitor, pre-conference course presenter and keynote presenter.

Pre-conference course

On April 22, John Mack, Ewan Mercer and Nirupaplava Metta will be delivering the pre-conference course, “Statistical and Hybrid Techniques for Process Monitoring, Control and Optimization.” For many years the process industries have used techniques that are now considered Machine Learning (MVA, multivariate optimization etc.). This course will look at the challenges that make the implementation of these techniques in the process industries unique, and then go on to discuss what other techniques from the ever-expanding ML toolbox are gaining traction in industry. This learning will be supported with practical case studies.

Conference Content

APACT USA will feature a range of content including invited and submitted talks, poster presentations and exhibition stands from across a wide range of industry sectors. During this three-day event, John Mack will chair the Advanced Process Control session and present one of the keynote lectures: “Statistical and hybrid techniques for process monitoring, control and optimization.” Full details of the program are available via the registration link, below.

Registration link

Register now to take advantage of networking with speakers and delegates from across high value process industries including pharma, biopharma, food and chemicals. For more information and to register, visit conference website.

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