FAQ: Productivity

What are some ways to improve productivity in semiconductor manufacturing?

Among the most important ways to improve productivity in semiconductor fabs is to better manage the supply chain to identify and reduce bottlenecks, reduce planning time and improve planner productivity, and improve on-time delivery and capacity usage.

By replicating production dispatching in a simulation environment, the software system identifies opportunities for improving WIP throughput and capacity utilization without disrupting factory operations.

Yes, SmartFactory Enterprise Planning is a supply chain planning solution that includes a fast planning engine to improve on-time delivery and responsiveness for manufacturers. Unlike many planning solutions, which require complex deployments and customizations, SmartFactory Enterprise Planning is integrated from planning through execution, offering an open-box approach with increased accuracy and faster response to customer forecast changes.

The semiconductor industry uses automated manufacturing to integrate multiple factory systems (such as those that track lots, processes, scheduling, and distribution) to improve the accuracy and quality of data and communication.

Automated manufacturing solutions can improve productivity and quality while reducing overall costs. Among the many ways they do so is by enabling improved collaboration in one factory or across sites, providing accurate insights into equipment states for better tool management, and managing scheduling solutions using real-time data.