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Create your own competitive advantage with SmartFactory AI Productivity

Amplify productivity with pre-built AI/ML models

There is critical demand for semiconductor manufacturing, which can mean significant opportunities for fabs that are able to increase productivity and efficiency. However, existing tools and methods are limited in how much productivity can be achieved or by what magnitude KPIs can be improved. SmartFactory AI makes improvement possible. It enables fabs to create a unique competitive advantage by achieving end-to-end AI/ML model development and deployment that solves productivity and supply chain challenges using the next-generation approach of advanced and intelligent algorithms.

SmartFactory AI addresses two key types of challenges that affect a fab’s productivity and yield: those associated with the prediction model, such as lot cycle time, dynamic bottlenecks, and yield prediction; and problems associated with finding the best logic or parameter values to control production flow or equipment operations in an optimal way, considering real-time and future status. It is the only industrial AI/ML platform that can integrate with scheduling, dispatching, and full auto solutions in the current manufacturing environment.

Key benefits

Among its key benefits is the elimination of manual model development for every step of production. Rather, the system uses a task automation tool and Solution UI to make it easier to develop an AI/ML system for the entire cycle, in as little as six months. This is roughly a quarter the time it would take to develop individual models for data preparation, ML model training and evaluation, deployment, and monitoring stages of production.

Enhance your existing APF suite

The platform enhances the existing Applied APF (Advanced Productivity Family) suite by introducing special features to automate deployment and monitor AI/ML models. Through this integration, engineers can use pre-built ML models or configure key parameters that help focus the model on a fab’s particular challenges and ways of problem-solving. There is no need for users to learn additional environments or languages.

In production, SmartFactory AI collects data, trains a model, deploys it to the production environment, and monitors its performance in real-time to see how the model is performing. If there are fluctuations in the model’s accuracy, it can automatically be retrained.

By integrating SmartFactory AI with the production environment (e.g. APF and E3 platforms), semiconductor manufacturers can expect to achieve improved cycle times, utilization, throughput, and yield. No other platform achieves this in as little time or effort.

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