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Drive yield enhancements with better visibility

Improve yield learning and accelerate yield ramp using an integrated yield analysis solution

In your fab, what type of yield issues impact your factory performance? Defects? Parametrics? Both? Do you experience low yield, metrology, or parametric “spots” on your wafer maps? To help with such issues, an integrated, fab-wide yield management system is critical for facilitating yield learning and reducing time for quality analysis.

Built with a single storage and analysis platform for all semiconductor data, SmartFactory Yield Management offers a single source of truth for the entire organization. It loads and pre-aligns diverse data from WIP, FDC, metrology, defect, sort, assembly, final test, and other sources to reduce analysis time and help prevent costly yield excursions.

With SmartFactory Yield Management, customers have achieved 30% reduced time to reach mature yield and 80% reduced time to achieve quality data analysis.

For details on our solution, check out our solution brief:

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Todd Snarr
The SmartFactory Rx Team develops integrated automation solutions for process manufacturing to harness the power of data, reduce development time and improve productivity to optimize high value manufacturing. It increases throughput, decreases risk, and accelerates time to market for new products. For more details, Connect with us on LinkedIn.