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Next-Generation of Advanced Automation Solutions

Increasing quality and productivity in factories of any size with Applied SmartFactory integrated automation solutions for semiconductor manufacturers


From simple home appliances and online billing to the complexity of robotics and autonomous vehicles, automation is everywhere, making life easier, workplaces safer, and production more efficient. The computer chips that enable this automation are manufactured in the most complex environments imaginable. As these environments become more advanced, creating more data and demanding more decisions at each step, automation systems need more speed and power to keep up.

Imagine the difference in complexity between running a baggage carousel at the airport and running the entire airport and its operations. With the re-entrant processes required to run today’s semiconductor factories, you need an advanced, comprehensive suite of automation solutions that can predict and solve high-value problems in real time and an expert team to deploy the solutions. Enter Applied Materials, the global leader in automation software, services, and equipment for the semiconductor industry.

With so many factors like fast yield ramp, spec conformance, new product introductions, and changing equipment conditions, meeting your customer on-time delivery is a challenge. That’s why Applied SmartFactory Solutions are designed to work together seamlessly in your factory. An integrated system to improve operations, increase yield, and drive profit.

SmartFactory’s proven automation solutions improve your factory KPIs at each stage of the factory’s life. SmartFactory Solutions enable you to meet your factory productivity targets with higher quality, increased yield, and shorter cycle times. That’s why virtually every semiconductor fab in the world uses Applied SmartFactory. So don’t wait.

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About the Author

Picture of SmartFactory Automation Solution Experts Team
SmartFactory Automation Solution Experts Team
The Applied SmartFactory® automation solution experts team develops integrated automation solutions for semiconductor manufacturers to improve the performance of factories. From implementing a manufacturing execution system that advances collaboration and automation, to integrating AI/ML technologies for faster decision making, SmartFactory automation solutions enable manufacturers to prioritize quality and reliability across every stage of the manufacturing process.