SmartFactory AI Productivity tunes dispatching rule parameters automatically, in less time

Find optimal value in hours instead of days

Challenges and opportunities in Pharma 4.0 implementation

pharma 4.0
Derive high-value actionable information from multiple data sources

Solve productivity and supply chain issues with AI/ML

Solve productivity and supply chain issues with AI ML
Pre-built AI/ML models enable fabs to increase productivity, improve KPIs

Learning models are revolutionizing pharma analytics

Pharma Analytics
New generation models are improving insights with real-time manufacturing data
Prediction Accuracy

A faster, easier, and more accurate solution for better fab-out prediction accuracy

SmartFactory AI Productivity improves accuracy to 90%

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The data scientist conundrum – model selection and process visualization through dashboards (Part 3/3)

Guiding data scientists to create the right model to optimize the manufacturing process.

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Advantages of decision-tree models

Research demonstrates decision trees outperform deep learning with tabular data.

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Achieve Accurate Blog

Achieve accurate lot cycle time predictions for more on-time deliveries

Improve the accuracy of lot fab out predictions with AI/ML

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Smartfactory AI Competitive Advantage

Create your own competitive advantage with SmartFactory AI Productivity

Amplify productivity with pre-built AI/ML models

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Data Science Blog

The data scientist conundrum – data exploration and feature engineering (Part 2/3)

Making data scientists’ life easier with integrated end-to-end software solution

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Deep RL

Deep reinforcement learning (RL) for Queue-time management in semiconductor manufacturing

Use deep RL to minimize yield loss with automatic control of Queue-time management

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Drive Process Quality using machine earning and expert Systems

How to drive process quality using machine learning and expert systems

Learn how this technique has become a cornerstone to build thinking machines into the world of manufacturing.

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