The data scientist conundrum – model selection and process visualization through dashboards (Part 3/5)

Guiding data scientists to create the right model to optimize the manufacturing process.

Tree based models for the win

Research demonstrates decision trees outperform deep learning with tabular data.

Achieve accurate lot cycle time predictions for more on-time deliveries

Achieve Accurate Blog
Improve the accuracy of lot fab out predictions with AI/ML

Create your own competitive advantage with SmartFactory AI

Smartfactory AI Competitive Advantage
Amplify productivity with pre-built AI/ML models
Data Science Blog

The data scientist conundrum – data exploration and feature engineering (Part 2/5)

Making data scientists’ life easier with integrated end-to-end software solution

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Deep RL

Deep reinforcement learning (RL) for Queue-time management in semiconductor manufacturing

Use deep RL to minimize yield loss with automatic control of Queue-time management

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Drive Process Quality using machine earning and expert Systems

How to drive process quality using machine learning and expert systems

Learn how this technique has become a cornerstone to build thinking machines into the world of manufacturing.

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Improve Productivity in AL and ML

Improve Productivity in AI and ML Solutions Development & Deployment

Experience an integrated way to develop an AI/ML module using our SmartFactory productivity AI/ML platform

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The Data Scientist Conundrum

The data scientist conundrum – reducing the burden of complexity (Part 1/5)

Making best use of data scientist skills relies on integrated end-to-end software solution

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Minding the Gap with AI and ML Processes

Minding the Gap with AI and ML Processes

Experience a smarter way of controlling manufacturing using the SmartFactory Productivity AI/ML platform.

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