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Efficiency Unleashed: Optimizing the Fab

Amnon Shenfeld shares his unique approach to maximizing efficiency in the fab. Discover the innovative methods that set SmartFactory apart.


I’m Amnon Shenfeld, I’m the CTO for automation products group at Applied Materials. So I think that the value of Applied SmartFactory from the technological perspective is in our focus on design thinking, which essentially means that we focus on usability first. We truly care about our customers and we try to think about all the challenges and value that we bring our customers.

Mostly, software that is running in fabs is focusing on the machines and by doing that, in some cases, we miss the human element. In today’s market, it’s very obvious that analytics and big data are becoming a major aspect of efficiency and learning how to improve the processes in the fab. And for us being human-centric, even though we’re dealing with the most advanced technologies, manufacturing technologies on the planet, is something that we care about and focus on.

Applied SmartFactory, in terms of market leadership, has been around for quite a while. So, we started looking at how to reduce cost of ownership through optimization of the way that the software is functioning and running, and we identified pieces of our architecture that can be modernized. That is a capability that we’re unique in offering. If you have a cloud-native architecture, in most cases you can actually reach a higher compute, which means a more efficient run, in the fab while still having the same level of safety and security for redundancy that you had previously—only without having to waste hardware to simply stand by and wait for something to break.

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SmartFactory Automation Solution Experts Team
The Applied SmartFactory® automation solution experts team develops integrated automation solutions for semiconductor manufacturers to improve the performance of factories. From implementing a manufacturing execution system that advances collaboration and automation, to integrating AI/ML technologies for faster decision making, SmartFactory automation solutions enable manufacturers to prioritize quality and reliability across every stage of the manufacturing process.