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Performance Pioneers: Factory Innovations

Chris Reeves shares transformative strategies for boosting quality and performance in factories. Gain valuable knowledge from the forefront of manufacturing innovation.


I’m Chris Reeves. I’m a Product Manager for Applied E3 Process Control Platform. E3 is a technology that really focuses on providing a fundamental connectivity layer for our process quality suite, which includes products such as fault detection, run-to-run, SPC, and an OCAP module known as Knowledge Advisor.

Applied SmartFactory represents a solution of softwares that are designed at improving our customers’ connectivity, improving our customers’ capabilities through automation. One of the key things I see about the Applied SmartFactory is the approach to have the same look, the same feel, and the same integration across all of our products. You know, one of the key features I see about the E3 platform is our interconnectivity of our process control modules and our extendability beyond just those modules.

One thing that we’ve noticed when talking with customers is a key requirement is the ability to share data and information, whether it originates in fault detection or SPC or run-to-run control. And being able to have and leverage that data across those modules really helps facilitate detection, it facilitates reaction, it really helps our customers to be much more efficient and take their process control environments to the next level. In terms of measuring the value, where our customers are truly focused on is how well their factories are performing.

And that’s manifesting itself through the throughput, the amount of material they can run through their equipment, the amount of scrap or excursions that are occurring, and essentially the overall cost of running a factory. And by having the E3 platform and the integrated solutions, they’re able to expedite their ability to detect things quicker, they’re able to make better decisions when reacting to those detection, and that, at the end of the day, helps them to reduce their costs and improve their factory performance.

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SmartFactory Automation Solution Experts Team
The Applied SmartFactory® automation solution experts team develops integrated automation solutions for semiconductor manufacturers to improve the performance of factories. From implementing a manufacturing execution system that advances collaboration and automation, to integrating AI/ML technologies for faster decision making, SmartFactory automation solutions enable manufacturers to prioritize quality and reliability across every stage of the manufacturing process.