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SPC Strategies: Realizing Excellence

Vishali Ragam unveils how SmartFactory's Statistical Process Control is driving quality improvements for customers. Learn the secrets to achieving excellence in quality management.


Hi, my name is Vishali Ragam. I am the SPC product manager within the Process Quality APG group. One of the most innovative solutions that Applied SmartFactory SPC has to offer is its ability to readily bring in artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Customers do not need to have a specialized skill set when they’re playing with machine learning models. This has helped our customers tremendously to improve their overall quality and bring in advanced analytics into their factories. Many of our customers measure value by looking at their key performance indices. If there is an SPC which can streamline processes, which can improve their product quality and improve their manufacturing overhead, customers see this as a success.

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SmartFactory Automation Solution Experts Team
The Applied SmartFactory® automation solution experts team develops integrated automation solutions for semiconductor manufacturers to improve the performance of factories. From implementing a manufacturing execution system that advances collaboration and automation, to integrating AI/ML technologies for faster decision making, SmartFactory automation solutions enable manufacturers to prioritize quality and reliability across every stage of the manufacturing process.