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Assembly Test and Packaging burn-in use case scenario using SmartFactory Durables Management
This blog series focuses on the role of data in helping semiconductor manufacturers achieve greater benefits in productivity and quality.
This series focuses on how to achieve greater benefits in productivity and quality
Integrating the functions of Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Fault Detection (FD) helps semiconductor manufacturers achieve higher quality, reliability, and efficiency
Increasing quality and productivity in factories of any size with Applied SmartFactory integrated automation solutions for semiconductor manufacturers
We define smart manufacturing as striving for zero defects and optimal asset utilization of trying to get the most out of what you have. This allows you to drive the highest quality in your semiconductor factory and create the most profit from your operations.
This fully integrated solution enables manufacturers to manage deployments in as little as six months, a quarter of the time it typically takes them to develop individual models.
Explore how reinforcement learning offers a revolutionary approach to using real world data to solve complex scheduling and dispatching challenges in semiconductor manufacturing.
Semiconductor growth is anticipated and there are many tools to help drive it
Introducing the new PROMIS on Linux!
A quality factory scheduling solution can improve equipment productivity, product quality, and on-time delivery of products